About Us


We will be a long-term health care partner to you and your family. We will deliver the highest quality care, supported by market leading technology and a state of the art and luxurious facility.


We believe in managing your health comprehensively; Bluedot offers distinct healthcare plans that will help you to maintain good health on an on-going basis. We want to break the cycle whereby you visit doctors and rely on one-off consultations only when you are not feeling well. Our healthcare plans have several benefits and you should speak to us about choosing a healthcare plan that is right for you. We offer homecare plans, where our healthcare professionals come to you, as well as healthcare plans that are delivered at our facilities. In addition, we are also able to develop a customized healthcare plan for you that serves your unique needs.

Bluedot’s Philosophy and Promise to You

Once upon a time, most of us relied upon a trusted family doctor to serve as our first point of call for all of our healthcare decision-making. Whether we were feeling unwell, trying to stay healthy or just wanted someone to discuss our health with, we could turn to this trusted advisor for answers, guidance and support. Unfortunately, over the years, that model of healthcare has largely disappeared. Bluedot, however, reintroduces a patient-centric approach to healthcare in Pakistan.

We seek to become your long-term health management partner and trusted medical advisor – in short, our promise is to look after you with as much dedication, concern and individualized attention as your family doctor used to do in days gone by. We accomplish this by focusing on four key Bluedot values.


Family Medicine


Endocrinology and Diabetes


Obstetrics & Gynaecology


Mental Health Practitioners