Partnership With The Patients – When you partner with Bluedot, you will no longer be alone in making your healthcare decisions. We view it as our job to be there to guide you and assist you in making the right healthcare decisions for you to have the most fulfilling life possible.

How do we treat our patients?

We do it while focusing on four key values:

Patient Centered – unlike provider focused healthcare institutions, which are common in Pakistan, the patient is at the heart of Bluedot’s medical experience. Too often at other institutions you are forced to wait days or weeks for an appointment and are crammed into a busy doctor’s schedule – leaving little time for you to interact meaningfully with your doctor. This does not happen at Bluedot. We aim to see you when it works for you or according to your needs and will give you the time that you deserve.

Relationship Focused – Your interactions with Bluedot will not be “transactional”, as they too often are with other healthcare institutions. We will develop a long-term relationship with you as an individual to keep you healthy and address any health problems you may have, rather than just see you episodically when you are unwell. We will speak to you regularly and, in short, we will not only know your name but will be engaged in your personal life as much as a good friend would be.

Whole Person Care – Our relationship with you will not be limited to treating a specific disease that you may suffer from or helping you to overcome a particular ailment. We are interested in you as a person and the impact a disease or ailment is having on you as a human being and your quality of life. We will strive to help take care of you in a comprehensive and holistic manner. We are interested in helping you to achieve the highest quality of life possible.

Information Technology – We believe in understanding our patients and their medical histories completely before making a diagnosis and providing treatment options. At Bluedot, all patient records and medical reports are digitized so that our doctors can see any patient’s medical history, and thereby better treat you, by leveraging technology. Our information technology also helps us to keep track of your doctor visits, immunizations, diagnoses and prescriptions. If required, we will recommend you for specialist care with the necessary specialists from our panel of top quality doctors. All appointments with such specialists will be arranged for you by us.