Family Care for Expats

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Bluedot Home Care is pleased to introduce new home care services that are specifically designed to support non-resident Pakistanis with elderly parents/loved ones or other family members living in Pakistan. We will look after the healthcare needs of mom, dad and your loved ones all within the comfort of your own home. Our promise to you is that we will deliver all of our services with an emphasis on Bluedot’s values of compassion, excellence and reliability so that you can have peace of mind.

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When you live abroad, you can often face difficulties with illness of family and friends. Worrying about the health and well being of your parents/loved ones can be one area that plays on your mind. Living in a different time zone from your family, especially if you have an elderly or frail parent/loved one, can create a great deal of anxiety and can mean worrying about the significance of every phone call that you receive from back home. What if something unforeseen has happened? When you partner with Bluedot, we look after your family with the same attention and sensitivity that we look after our own.


Our care plans will outline specific services that will be provided to your parents/loved ones based upon their unique needs.

initial assessment

Before we commence your parent’s/loved one’s home care plan, an initial assessment will be performed.

suitable plan of care

Bluedot’s clinically trained team, in conjunction with immediate family
members, and the treating physician will use this assessment to
determine the best plan of care for your parent/loved one.

appointment scheduling

Bluedot physicians will then determine which specific care provider is best suited for your parent’s/loved one’s needs, assign care providers and schedule an appointment for senior staff to make an initial visit (including the supervising physician).

mainitng records

If your parents have special requirements,
Bluedot will include this in documentation for future visits.

Home health care visits

After the initial visit has been completed and a customized care plan has been developed for your loved one, Bluedot will commence home health care visits.

detailed assessment

During each visit, the registered nurse assigned to your loved one, under the supervision of our home care physicians, will conduct a detailed assessment to identify any significant changes in health from the last visit and will promptly report back to the supervising physicians.

Caring Services

The registered nurse assigned to your parent’s care will:

  • Check on specific aliments
  • Check basic vital signs
  • Assess cardiovascular and respiratory health
  • Assess mobility and safety
  • Manage prescription medication

The registered nurse can then advise Bluedot’s Home Health Care
team on the next steps, if any are required.

Trained & Experienced Nurses

Our services are provided by trained and experienced registered nurses only.

Telephone checkups
Checking up

Qualified staff with Bluedot Healthcare will also
call your parents/loved ones to ensure they are receiving
excellent, reliable, and compassionate care.

answering questions

These telephone check-ups will give our clients
the opportunity to ask any questions or raise concerns.

Communicating with Non-Resident Pakistanis
Communicating Regularly

The Bluedot Healthcare team will communicate with you regularly via telephone and email so that you will always be well informed of your loved one’s health needs. When you partner with us, you will have a trusted confidante who is dedicated to looking after the well being of your loved ones right alongside of you.

reporting via mails

Bluedot will also provide you with well-documented
assessments that are available via email for your review.

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